Need to store your possessions safely?

For various reasons, you may decide to store your effects. Our containerised Storage Facilities are designed to meet this requirement by offering convenient, safe and secure domestic storage in a fully equipped, modern storage centre.

Containerised storage is particularly suitable for extended periods, providing an ideal, clean and sealed environment in which to store your effects.

Once packed, your effects will be loaded into our storage containers at your home. Prior to the sealing and securing of the containers, you will be provided with an inventory as a receipt. The containers will then be transported to our Storage Centres.

On arrival at the Storage Centres, the coded containers are mechanically transferred to their location, where they remain, untouched, until they are re-called for delivery.

Our Storage Centres also have facilities to handle special items that are inappropriate for containerised storage, such as carpets, leather, velour upholstery and ladders.

We cover all ares of Hampshire.